Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Quick Share...

Hi, everyone! I just wanted to do a quick post about this AWESOME ink that I recently found at Joanns -

High-density Pigment Ink by Fiskars - it's made to go in their new Push and Print Stamp Factory but I have been looking for a REALLY GOOD black ink. I was thinking that I would have to order some Stampin' Up ink but I am TERRIBLE about waiting. Ya, just call me an instant gratification junkie! LOL

So I was browsing the stamping section and this caught my eye. I like my stamped images to be really dark black and most of the other ink pads I own come out just slightly (or in some cases, more than slightly) grey. So I used a coupon and hoped for the best.

I had to try it the second I got home and, Wow - it was very dark and crisp! Yippee.... then I looked at it again and realized that I had smeared it. What??? After playing around a few times I found out that "High-density Pigment" translates to "LOOOOONG drying time". Now, remember when I told you I was a "instant gratification junkie"? A long drying time doesn't sit well with me... so I whipped out my trusty heat gun and figured out that a good 10-15 seconds will set it perfectly! :)

Sure it takes an extra step but I LOVE that the stamps are so dark and clean - it's totally worth the extra few seconds.

So now that I have enabled a few of you, do you have any products that you LOVE? I'm always looking for a new favorite item to add to my list, so I'd love to hear from you if you do.


Tracy said...

I used a type of ink that took forever to dry. But like you I loved the colour so I sucked it up and got out my heat gun as well :)

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

It's on my list!

OmaGloria said...

Yea I am going to a JoAnn's Super Store this weekend so I put it on my list.

My favorite tool(s) are my Gelly Roll Glitter Pens. They get put on everything!!!

Precious Hugs

Live Love and Scrap said...

Hey MEL!!!! I Too have been looking for a new black ink...I really dont like the one I have....thanks for the tip!!! One of my favorite products is STICKLES...use them on almost everything =)


*Star said...

I will have to try this out. I love my Black staz on ink but the stores near me never seem to have it in stock. :(
Stickles and Martha Stewart Glitter pens are a must for me! glitter makes everything better!!
Tfs and have a great day. :)

*Star said...

Omg, Thanks you for the heads up about the Staz on ink. I had no idea that it could ruin my photopolymer stamps. And sadly I have on occasion forgotten to clean my stamps when putting things away for the night. :( I'll be going out tomorrow to get new ink.

Have a great day.

Two Scraptastic Gals said...

I was on the verge of buying from stampn up, Ill give this a try. Thanks for the tip. I hate my current ink with a passion.



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