Sunday, March 27, 2011

Check this out...Tipsy Stylus!

This is a Tipsy Stylus - it's a bendable stylus that wraps around your finger. Here are the benefits according to the Tipsy website...

•The best stylus for the Gypsy!

•Feels like you are using your own finger but with more precision.

•Wraps comfortably around your finger.

•No more pick up and put down of the stylus, stays on your finger.

•Lets you do other tasks at the same time.

•Smooth tip won't scratch your screen.

•No more stressed or cramped hand.

•Use for hours with no pain

•Great if you have arthritis and find it hard to hold a regular stylus.


If you would like to try one they are giving them away for free for "Liking" them on Facebook - just pay the S&H. Click HERE to get yours. I just ordered my - the S&H was $3.99 and thought it looked interesting enough to give it a shot. Though I would share the info... {{{ HUGS }}}!

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scrappinmomma said...

I have an award for you on my blog,please stop by and pick it up.


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