Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Create & Craft Contest Update!

Crafters - the bad news is we did not hit our goal of 5,000 subscribers. The GOOD news is that Create and Craft decided to give us one more week to reach our goal!!!  The contest has extended until Tuesday October 28th!!!

Do you think that we can hit our GOAL??? I do! Share this post with your friends come back here and leave a comment tell us you shared and who you tagged for an extra chance at winning the $50.00 goodie bag!!!  

This also gives your friends a chance to win one of the prizes - they just need to go to www.createandcraft.com and sign up for the newsletter and come back and leave a message that they are all signed up.  

Good Luck and remember to Share, Share, Share!!!!!!

1 comment:

Nancy Carroll said...

I subscribed and invited a bunch of my crafty friends to join on FB


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