Sunday, May 4, 2014

May The 4th Be With You!

In honor of Star Wars Day I decided to post the pictures of my son's Star Wars Birthday that I forgot to post a couple of years ago.  My bad! :(  

*** Warning - LOTS of pictures.  :)  ****

We named all the food - kind of corny but so much fun!

The goodie bags were Star Wars/space themed...

And finally one of my favorite pictures of my son doing his best Darth Vader impression with the pool noodle light sabers we made for all the kiddos!

Thank you for stopping by today - I hope you felt a little of the force with my party pictures! :)

{{{ HUGS }}}}


Cricut Chick said...

So cute Melanie! I LOVE all of the tags and cool names for the foods...This was AWESOME!

Simply Silhouette
aka: Cricut Chick

Chark said...

so great! my son was obsessed with sw for a looonngg time! We still make wookiee cookies!


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