Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy 101 Blog Award - Update!

My friend Nicole at Canadian Nickel Scrap'n give me this award. Thank you so much, Nicole! Please visit her blog when you get a chance - you'll be glad you did. :)

So I am passing this award on to 5 other blogs...

1. Tammy at Scrappy Critter
2. Melissa at The Scrappy Jedi
3. Shelly at Scrappy Shelly
4. Lauren at Lauren's Creative
5. Dawn at Dawn McVey

Take a peek at them when you have a chance - and leave a comment and/or follow them if you like what you see! :)

It would seem that I am supposed to also list 10 that make me happy so here goes...
1. My family
2. Crafting
3. A good new book or magazine
4. Music - how can you resist it?
5. Going out to a nice dinner
6. Sleeping in on the weekend
7. Going to see a movie I have been waiting for
8. Girls night out aka going scrapbooking
9. New Cricut cartridges - shame on me ;)
10. Blog comments - you really do make my day when you leave one!


Tracy said...

She gave me one too.
But where are your 10 things you like?

Nicole said...

Tracy got one too from me, but if you go to her blog she has not even added it!

Shelly said...

Thank you so much Mel! I am honored, cropping tonight to get some more up on my blog. <3

Nicole said...

I know right, it's like I have to make a video everyday. I am so A Type, so once I start something that's that! Can't wait to share my BIG NEWS tomorrow! Good you did the 10 things, Tracy's all over us!


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