Monday, April 5, 2010

A Second Blogger Award - Can you believe it?! :)

Thanks to Shelly at Heartstring Designs I have been awarded a 2nd Beautiful Blogger Award! She is so sweet and unbelievably creative - please visit her blog for yourself!

Since I just recently bored everyone one with 10 things about me I won't list 10 more and move on to more blogs that I visit - I'm sure you will enjoy them too!

Tammy at Tammy's Place - She has some beautiful work for you to take a peek at!

Karen at The Sweetest Thing - Her cards are adorable and she has a great new sketch for you to try every Sunday!

Marissa at Rosemary Reflections - Her cards are amazing, enjoy!

Megan at Picture Perfect Creations - It's always fun to see her creative takes on different card challages!

Marureen at Buttons and Bling - Her creations are so beautiful!

Annette at My Paper Trail - If you love your Cricut and/or mini albums you'll love her site!

Please leave a comment and/or join these blogs if you enjoy them - It really makes the owners day, I promise! :)


Jamiecrafts said...

I got the vinyl from a girl who's sister-in-law had a vinyl party, I would give you her blog address but I cant get to it anymore :(

Maureen said...

thank you so much, Melanie!! I'm honoured...thanks for visiting my blog and for the wonderful award :)

Marisa said...

What a wonderful way to start my day today, Melanie :D Thank you so much for giving me this award and for visiting my blog. I truly appreciate it (((hugs)))

I enjoyed reading your ten things about you. Think I'll have to come to you for a reading list!! I love to read but definitely can't manage two books a week LOL! Only when I get hooked on a n author do I burn the midnight oil and my hubby complains that he has to share our bed with "another man" (i.e. the author of the book). With a good family line of writes, I agree with hubby - give it a try :D Have a fabulous week and thanks again for blessing my day with the award.


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