Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NO - it can't be true!!!

This is not a crafting post - it's a PANIC post!! I just found out that my 20 year high school reunion is in September - aaahhhh.

(Deep breath) Ok, now I have only 4 months to lose 20 pound - is it do-able? Oh, I know that 5 pounds a month is a safe and reasonable goal but IS IT DO-ABLE FOR ME?!?!

My husband suggested (kindly - yea, right) that I stop drinking Pepsi, but this is my one true addition! I don't smoke or drink alcohol (I don't like the taste so why bother?), I'm not a choco-holic but I GOTTA HAVE MY PEPSI! I know that if I would just stop drinking it I would probably lose half the weight doing nothing else but I would be miserable. :(

Does anyone have any Pepsi-sparing tips? HELP!


DORCAS said...

LOL I have a coffee addiction that I cannot let go. I do this though. For each cup I drink I make myself drink 16 oz of water. If I don't drink the water I don't get my coffee. Maybe you can try that.

Melanie said...

Thanks, Dorcas - that is a good idea, I know I don't drink enough water. Maybe that would fill me up so I'm not drinking so much Pesi. :)

Jamiecrafts said...

yes i would recommend the water thing, i know i dont have any addictions (except to paper LOL) but i know i dont drink enough water and I too am trying to lose about 20 pounds just to feel better about myself. good luck you CAN do it, maybe we could be accountable to each other ;)

Marlene said...

Switching to diet pepsi worked for me. It was gross in the beginning - but now I love it - and I can't drink regular pepsi. (Yeah, yeah, I know the diet stuff is NASTY for you.)

Tracy said...

I too am a Coke (pop) addict LOL.
I have quit drinking it for a month. It was so hard. I just told myself this isn't an all or nothing for me. I will still drink it every once in awhile.
So I did have some yesterday. No biggie.
I also don't have any bad habits.
I haven't noticed a weight loss though. I would like to loose 10 lbs.

liz said...

good luck on the diet! but if you take out the pepsi...make sure you get caffine from something else or you may have huge headaches from the withdrawls...try something completely different like iced tea with a little lemonade crystal light...diet arnold palmer

Melanie said...

Thanks ladies! :)

Jaime - that would be great, we'll see if we can do it together!

Marlene - I've tried to drink diet (started trying in HS) and I just can't take it, Yuck! LOL

Tracy - when I was pregnant I stopped drinking it (ok, toward the end I had a couple of cans) and I lost 4-5 pounds in the first few months. So for me I know that it is a weight trigger.... sigh.

Thanks Liz - I have had caffine headaches before and the suck! :)

Sara Kate said...

Do you like Diet Pepsi? My fiance switched to drinking diet and lost quite a bit of weight. He also started watching how much sugar in general he ate, it's worked really well!! (he didn't cut out sugar completely, just moderated it ALOT better) Hope this helps!


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