Monday, May 24, 2010

Opinions, please - What do you all think? :)

My friend Tammy and I LOVE the Create a Critter Cartridge and bought is as soon as it was released! So in the beginning of April we started saying that it's too bad we don't have many stamps that go with it - so I started making sentiments to print on my computer. Here are some of the early examples...

Fish bowl card - April 9th

Koala card - April 22nd

Panda card - May 2nd

Squirrel card - May 19th

Well, I started doing research on how to make your own stamps and realized the the machinery that you can buy is a little pricey and VERY time-consuming. So for the time being I decided that I would keep designing the stamps and save up to look for other options. Well, a month goes by and I am talking to my husband and expressing how disappointed I am that I haven't been able to start this little venture. We did some research and found a great company that is affordable and I went ahead and sent them the batch to start processing.

Now, here's my question... If the set had stamps that you didn't already have and you liked them would you be interested in purchasing them? They are clear photo polymer material, guaranteed not to yellow and they are made here in the USA. The set I have designed has the sentiments above plus 18 other phrases and three icons. If you are interesting in them I can post the image and set up to sell them either here or on Etsy. Otherwise, I will just try to sell them locally.

I am also working on a 2nd set if this one is well accepted.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this - I would love to hear your opinions. :)


Lauren B. said...

I would! I would!!! I think it would be awesome Melanie. That is really exciting! (I love all of the sentiments that you've come up with so far!)

Melanie said...

Thanks Loren - I am super excited too! I tried to make ones that I would love to have. :)

I will email you a sneak peak. :)

Nicole said...

That's awesome Mel! I'm super excited for you!!! If you ever want to do a giveaway beyond your blog let me know, we can expand your reach. Either way, you know I'll spread the word my friend! YAY!!!!! Make sure to post a few cards on my FB too.

I'm about to do another giveaway on my blog soon!

Alex said...

That's awesome ! YES ! I think you should go for it ! Same as Nicole, I would love to do a give away of your stamps to help spread the word and maybe you might even consider doing a search for a design team to feature your stamps in actual cards :)

Shelly said...

Wow Mel that's VERY exciting! Good luck girl!
~scrappy shelly

joeygirl86 said...

WOw that sounds like an awesome idea! I would definitely be interested in buying these! I think they would sell pretty quick actually! ..the idea for a DT sounds cool too!..good luck! :)

M.J. Rutledge said...

I'd be interested too. I like what you've come up with so far.


Jamiecrafts said...

that is super AWESOME! i would love to see what other sayings you have, I am not too good on the computer as far as what you do with printing them, so I would be very interesed in buying them... if they were resonably priced :)

Dawn said...

very cool! I would be interested!

JennyKozar said...

So cute! Love the stamps and would be very interested! Thanks!!
Jenny kozar

Anonymous said...

I would definitely buy them, and hope you come out with more to match other cartridges!! They are so cute and so needed.

jmcstamper said...

I would be interested in your stamps. I anxiously await what you come up with!


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