Sunday, May 2, 2010

NSD Challenges #8 and #9

Here are two more completed challenges for My Pink Stamper's NSD Challenge!

Challenge #8 is to make a mono-chromatic project. I decided to make a gift card holder from one of the purses in Forever Young. I added Diamond Glaze to the shoes for a shine. The grey part in the back is actually a gift card w/the ribbon attached to the corner.

Challenge #9 is to use a shape - this card uses From My Kitchen for the jar and Just Because Cards for the pickles and quote.

I wasn't sure how either project would turn out but I really LOVE the purse giftcard holder and I think the pickle jar turned out cute, if a little simple! I made both cards in the DS so I don't have exact measurements but I can get close ones for your if anyone would like them. :)


Spyder said...

These fun cards! I love them both!

Lauren B. said...

Both of your projects turned out REALLY cute! I love the way the Diamond Glaze turned out on the high heels - too cute!

Shelley said...

Great job! Love them! I am having a give-away at my blog if you are interested!

scrappy critters said...

I LOVE the purse card! The shoes are sooo shiny♥ The pickles are ADORABLE too!

Tracy said...

These are both so cute. I just love the purse gift card holder.

Sara Kate said...

These are both adorable! I love how you put the pickles in a jar!!


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